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Why do you need an architect?

You have a dream which your architect can turn into reality at a price which you can afford. For a project to be successful the chemistry between the architect and yourself is perhaps the single most important thing. You will, after all, spend a good deal of time with your architect.

Is my project too small?

Size is less of a consideration than interest. This practice specialises in residential projects at all levels from the refurbishment of a cottage to the design of a large home. If the chemistry is right and the project interesting then success will follow.

Are Architects expensive?

Absolutely not! An architect can actually save you money.

Amongst other things...

  • He can manage your ‘build’ to ensure that you get value for money.
  • He will often find the extra light and space that you did not know you had.
  • He can design for you with flair and imagination that will set your project apart from the rest.
  • And remember the initial consultation is FREE.

What does it all cost?

Our initial consultation is free...

An idea of charges can usually be given after the initial consultation. Every project is unique and charges are negotiated for each project. Purely as an indication charges for a Full Service are calculated as a percentage of the build cost on a sliding scale depending on the value of the build cost. For a Partial Service charges can either be calculated on a percentage basis or sometimes a fixed lump sum is more appropriate dependent on the level of involvement. Every project is subject to a written fee agreement.

Other services such as planning appeals, expert witness work etc are charged at an hourly rate based on time expended. For architectural projects in France, fees are generally calculated on a lump sum basis which will reflect the size and complexity of the project.

What if something goes wrong?

We are covered by Professional Indemnity insurance and work to standards set by the Royal Institute of British Architects in the United Kingdom and by the Ordre des Architectes in France.

Any more questions?

If your question does not appear here or you would like additional information please contact me by telephone on +44(0)1243-773166 or send me an email